Forestry engineer specialising in forestry management and planning



P1040537I began my studies related to forestry in the IFP San Blas (Teruel), where I got the title of “Technician in management and administration of natural and landscapes resources” in 2011. Later, I joined the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where I studied “degree in forest engineering” speciality of “Forest management”, ending it in 2015.

During these years I have attended several courses, mainly related to the environment and new technologies. Some of these courses are:

  • Black truffle practical course (Mora de Rubielos, 2015)
  • Beekeeping course (Valbona, 2.014)
  • Arcgis 10 course (GesteaGlobal, 2015)
  • R course (Coursera, 2015)
  • Presto 8.8 course (Superior Institute of the Enviroment, 2015)

In the professional field I have participated in several projects related to forest planning and management, as well as in the study of endangered species. Some of the works that I have participated are:

  • Self-protection plan against forest fires camp of Arcas del Villar (Cuenca, 2.015).
  • Forest management plan of MUPs-381, 389 and 461 (Jaca, 2015)
  • Forest management plan of MUPs-403 and 413 (Alarba, 2015)
  • Characterisation of white backed woodpecker habitat (ZEC Belate, 2015)
  • Identification and characterisation of mature/old stands (Aragón, 2015)