Fields of work
Habitat restoration

According to the International Society of Ecological Restoration, habitat restoration consists of assisting the recovery of damaged, degraded or destroyed ecosystems. The main goal is the restitution and encouragement of the existing ecological processes in order to give back to the ecosystem its maximum adaptive capability to absorb disturbance and to increase biodiversity levels.

Bioma Forestal has wide experience of ecological restoration derived from working with a range of organisations. These include, local authorities, autonomous government departments, research centres and other authorities which manage natural protected areas.

We work on various aspects of the recovery of degraded areas and places altered by infrastructure construction. We also work on the restoration of fluvial systems and those habitats that include Community Habitats of Interest.

Examples of our professional expertise in habitat restoration include: mesogean Mediterranean pine forests; mountain juniper formations; yew woods; and Tilio-acerion forests.

We have also taken part in restoration projects of rare, endemic or threatened flora within different biogeographic environments. We have experience in multi criterial evaluation that also takes into account qualitiative methods of assesment.